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On the 75th episode of the Naturist Living Show podcast, Michael Connolly (Nudeyman) returns for his 2nd segment. He talks about a 1985 movie on the history of the bathing suit and naked sunbathing in Australia, which has the capacity to stream in full on YouTube (see show links below).
Connolly speculates on why nudity went from being so commonplace and accepted in the 80’s to being considerably more taboo in 2015. He mentions a few distinct variables including body image issues, general anxiety about sun damage, and censorship.
Jpg: Naked and Terrified
Manu is well-known from the show because she got dengue fever from a mosquito bite while in the Panama jungle.
This really is an incredibly serious, painful disease that caused some acute nerve damage for Manu. After hospitalization followed by months of physical therapy, she is now almost completely recovered and doing well, as she reports on the podcast.
As you will learn from listening to her interview, surviving on Naked and Afraid is no joke.
What I thought was most interesting is the producers really ask the survivalists to fashion some “clothes” for themselves to cover specific body parts, using leaves or whatever they find. They are not required to do it, but they “kindly inquire” anyhow. Why? It makes it easier to edit the show!
So let’s get this right.

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The show would rather renege on its own advertising ploy of everyone being “nude” to be able to spend less time and money on editing in all those blurry spots on the bodies. They do have the choice of not censoring whatsoever, but then they must determine that would cost them more cash in losing advertisers / sponsors.
So they only need to have their cake and eat it, too. Well, Discovery Channel, it appears to me a bit self-centered and greedy to ask folks to concern themselves with modesty when they’ve much bigger things to worry about, like oh say, food and water?
Manu makes I first realized I appreciated and loved practicing nudism some years ago. in the interview.
Her partner, Russell, declined to cover up because he saw it as a rare chance to be nude and free in the jungle.
Nevertheless as Manu additionally points out, being naked also meant having no protection against the elements. I remember as an early adolescent going to the creek close to where I was. exposed. Manu was uncomfortable every night as a result of cold, and her feet endured without any shoes.
Hear more inside info about the show and Manu’s expertise in the podcast interview. In my segment, Stephane and I talk about the research I did on naturist beauty pageants with his previous podcast episode.
Beauty Pageant segment of The Naked Peacock picture
History of the bathing suit and nudism in Australia on
Manu meets her partner, Russell, for the first time
Manu’s conflict with Dengue Fever
Manu’s personal site
Stream above or at the Naturist Living Show web site.
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