My first at home nudist encounter was when i was about 13 and my parents had gone

I recall seeing something about nudism on the internet and really thought I had give it a go at home. But this was the very first time i was naked all around the home. It felt weird at first but soon i got used to it, and pretty much did it every opportunity i got.
My first public naked experience was last year at playalinda beach in florida. I had never been to a nudist area before cause I never really had the chance. as soon as I went to school, there were no nudist areas near so I never got to go then. Then when I entered the actual word I have had many opportunities to go to White tail park over time, but have never had the guts to go. I have been scared that I’d be bored and I have heard the owners may be a bit excentric to single guys.
So a nude beach once I went to florida last year was the first chance to go in a public setting. I figured that if I didnt enjoy it I’d only leave cause it doesnt cost any money of course. So, I went and it absolutely was fabulous. I had an excellent time… i was somewhat nervous at first, spent alot of time on my towel. But eventually I beat the anxiety and relaxed and had a great time. needed to leave. I wound up staying nude as long as I could.
So I imagine both my encounters were very favorable.

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