I first realized I enjoyed and loved practicing nudism some years back.

My closest friend whom I went to high school with (and we have been out of high school for bout 2 weeks when she and her husband invieted me over for the weekend(Fri,Sat,and Sun),is where I was first introduced to nudism.
Yes, she and I were really close friends,but for some reason I didn’t understand she was a nudist(or a least she was at/and in her house. http://nuderoad.com can certainly recall when she called me on the phone and invieted me over for the weekend. She requested me to come down and spend the weekend with she,her husband/and family,but that she and her family absolutly love being barefoot and naked(practice nudism),and that she and her family would be barefoot and completely naked in the home when I got there.
as soon as I got to her house she answered the door,and just as she told me on the telephone she and her family were barefoot and bare. I was really quite comfortable with this,I believe she was nervous to see my reaction,but she told me on the phone to anticipate this,so I was toatlly comfortable with it and that is only what I told her. She said fantastic and invieted me to take off my clothes also and practice nudism with her and her family,and that is exactually what I did.
Being barefoot@nude is an absolutly fantastic feeling. I took a holiday three years ago and while inquiring the top option I found it,so I called for some information(talked with one of the college girls that worked there as well as the young woman who possessed it.
The girls told me it was an absolutly beautiful ,tranquil location with lots of activities,but the majority of the tasks “everyone participated “barefoot and bare”(including the staff).

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I told the young woman which was fine and sounded wounderful,so I made the booking. It was quite a relaxing and amazing 10 days
I do have wonderful friends(although a small group and mostly girls)),they love practicing nudism and even though there’s just 6(in town),the other friends(3) who practice nudism dwell half hour away from me. Although we’re just nude the the house,or each other’s house. All of us have http://nudism-life.com and wear clothes.

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  1. How awful – to destroy the MOST fascinating, the most beautiful, the most attractive, the most exciting part of the woman's body…

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